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Books Published

Authored Books

D. R. Khanna and R. Bhutiani (2007): Laboratory Manual of Water and Wastewater Analysis. Daya Publishing House New Delhi pp. 1-184. (ISBN: 978-81-7035-528-1).

D.R. Khanna and R. Bhutiani (2006) : Limnological Modeling, Daya publishing House, New Delhi. Pp 1-301.(ISBN: 81-7035-449-8)

D.R. Khanna and R. Bhutiani (2004): Water analysis at a Glance. Pub. By ASEA Rishikesh. Pp 1-116. (ISBN:81-87468-06-8)

Edited Books

Hariom Saxena, G. Rajeshwar Rao, Samiksha Parihar and Rakesh Bhutiani (2022): Non-Timber Forest Products: Opportunities and Challenges. Anjali Copiers, Jabalpur (ISBN: 788-19-5159-888)

D.R. Khanna and R. Bhutiani (2017): Water Biology. Discovery Publishing House, New Delhi. (ISBN: 978-93-5056-888-0).

D.R. Khanna, A.K. Chopra, Vikas Singh, R. Bhutiani and Gagan Matta (2013): Climate change effects on agriculture and economy. Biotech Books, New Delhi.(ISBN: 978-81-7622-278-5).

D.R. Khanna, A.K. Chopra, Gagan Matta, R. Bhutiani and Vikas Singh (2013): Environmental management. Astral Internatinal Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi.(ISBN: 978-81-7035-822-0)

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